Honor System (Acts 1 + 2), Installation Views, Unfinished Ink Drawings on Paper,Pens, Desks, Hand Written Invitation to Collaborate, Hand Written Sales Pitch, Envelope for Money, Stack of Envelopes Within Which to Transport Drawings Home, Dimensions Variable, 2011 (Collaborative Drawing Performance, August 25, 2011) [Portage (for James) a wall drawing, is pictured behind]

Honor System operates through viewer interaction and collaboration. In Act 1 viewers are invited to collaborate with me by finishing my unfinished drawings however they see fit. Then collaborators are asked to put the drawing "up for sale" on a nearby pedestal. In Act 2 the "finished" drawings are then offered at a "pay what you like" fee scale, entrusting that visitors to determine the "value" of the work rather than the artist, gallerist or "market". I'm interested in the relationship between artist and viewer, as well as the role of the "Gallery"; making art resonant (and empoweringly fun) for viewers and fostering their stewardship of it, and researching methodologies that generate concepts and tangible artwork through cooperation and dialogue. It is a bit of a spin on "exquisite corpse" with the ethos of a roadside farm stand, exploring collaboration, commodification, and trust.

Some of the finished drawings.