New Work/Projects:

Solo Exhibition: Specific Gravity @ Drury Gallery

Installation View

Left: As the Sun Shines or Does Not (a painting made to create its own light)

Right: Cloud Study #1 (Climbing Wall)

As the Sun Shines or Does Not (a painting made to create its own light), canvas, wood, beeswax, gold leaf, wick

How Green Was My Valley, acrylic on canvas on wood

A Painting for Inclement Weather, handmade canvas poncho, handmade Greenland wax waterproofing

A Discovery, Part of a Discovery, performance with handmade poncho and semaphore flags


Solo Exhibition: A Thing Not Planned For Imagery or Belief at South Gallery, GCC

Installation View

Installation View

Only What the Sun Does Everyday

What We See in What We Know (A Painting Trying to Regard Itself)

No Doubt We Live Beyond Ourselves in Air

Beyond Mystic Disputation (Chamois, Charcoal)

At the Edge of Things (A Painting For Two Walls)

To Think Away the Grass, The Trees, Not to Transform Them into Other Things

Without Any Form or Any Sense of Form (All the brushes I've ever owned)

A Sharing of Color and Being a Part Of It

Recent Work:

Itinerant PainterItinerant Painter

> Above: Documentation of Itinerant Painter included in Nuit Blanche Toronto 2014 (Above two photos by A. Williamson)


Itinerant Painter, 2013-Ongoing :

A mobile transforming portrait studio backpack trek across New York City. Performed as part of Artists' Walks: The Persistence of Peripateticism, curated by Earl Miller at Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Projects


Above, Stills from A Thing Not Planned for Imagery or Belief(En Plein Air), 2013-Ongoing

Samuel Rowlett

Above, still shots from "Landscape Painting in the Expanded Field" 2013-Ongoing

Above, Stills from "Not Ideas About the Thing But the Thing Itself (Walk with the Woods)" 2013 -a 10 mile trek from forest to city, while dragging a forested mobile landscape culled from saplings, ferns, moss, and earth found near my home and placed in a golden rectangle.


Rucksack Painting

Above, Still From "Nothing That is Not there and The Nothing That Is"